Loved by thousands of students

Our coaching classes has been loved by thousands of students. Hear what they have to say.

“A person that will inspire, enlightened, motivate and incourage. M.K. Rai sir is the person who has the ability to change the world of one child a time with respect .And the way you teach is the best way to understand it in a simple way…as u do for it.The any student who so ever will join you for physics will be so greatful and will feel appreciated that he has joined physics to the best every teacher is one of the most
M.K. Rai Sir physics.”

Krutika Huke

“I highly recommend this tuition class to any student looking to improve their physics performance. Rai sir is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and they are able to explain difficult concepts in a clear and engaging way. The curriculum is well-structured and comprehensive, covering all the topics that students need to know. The level of student support is also excellent, with additional resources such as worksheets and practice questions provided, as well as personalized attention from teachers. Overall, the learning environment is very positive and conducive to learning. I have seen a significant improvement in my grades since joining this tuition class, and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Rugved Shastri

“Rai Sir is the best physics sir i could ask for. My concepts and understandings in physics have never been stronger. He is kind and considerate and understands the difficulties faced by students. His teachings have been very helpful in my JEE entrance and 12th Boards.”

Sarthika Gaulkar

“My experience with Rai sir has been really great so far. He is very helpful and friendly, most importantly his guidance has really helped me in scoring good marks in physics. All the concepts are explained very nicely and in detail Super thankful for this class and rai sir. I highly recommend this class for the subject of physics.”

Anuj Gautam

“In Rai Sir Classes, We understand the concepts behind every topic and there is doubt clearing sessions atleast once a week. There are test series too, So you will never get disappointed with Rai sir. All in all Rai sir is best for physics.”

Parth Pusadkar

“Rai sir is totally a gem for physics subject. I am so happy that I joined this classes as all of my doubts and consepts are being cleared. He taughts us by giving personal attention and he never demotivates us . Rai sir is not only a good teacher he is a human being he always shares his life experiences and teach us lessons from it too. Very glad to be a part of Rai sir physics classes.”

Leena Meshram

“Rai Sir’s teaching skills are really phenomenal. I would like to thank sir clearing my vision towards Physics and all my doubts that I had . You made physics seem easy. Thankyou sir !!”

Zubia Aeram Ali

“Sir is an excellent teacher he makes physics very easy class are very interactive he always clear our smallest doubts no matter how many time we ask my physics improved alot as I’m the week student in physics…..”

Lavanya Badwaik

“Rai sir physics classes is one of the best physics classes in Nagpur. His technique and way of teaching is the best he makes the hardest concepts a piece of cake . Provides regular test series assignments with the level of IIT-JEE questions. Make sure you at least give a try to his teaching. Thankyou.”


“Best Physics teacher in nagpur. He makes Physics concepts very easy. His teaching methods is very helpful in competitive exams.”

Shubham Bhope